“The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.”


I am currently a 5th-year mathematics graduate student at Iowa State University. I am a former secondary mathematics teacher and am passionate about all things mathematics and mathematics education! 


Mathematics Research

My current math research is in Computational Harmonic Analysis with applications in data science and signal processing. I use a nifty tool called the Kaczmarz algorithm to reconstruct vectors. Think of a game of telephone--how do you know that the message you received is the message that was originally sent? I work on getting bounds to control the “distance” between sent and received messages.


Mathematics Education

I am interested in many different facets of learning, including mathematical mindsets and the implementation and study of specific active learning strategies.

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I was married in August!

I enjoy listening to and performing choral music--Bach motets in particular.

I love musical theatre--my favorite role to date is the Sugar Plum Fairy/Gingy in Shrek the Musical.